QuickBooks Desktop will be a subscription-only in 2022

by | Jun 13, 2023 | 0 comments

Intuit, the company behind QuickBooks Desktop, has recently made an important announcement regarding changes to its software for the year 2022. Starting from next year, QuickBooks Desktop Pro, Premier, and Mac products will be available exclusively as subscription-based services, known as Pro Plus, Premier Plus, and Mac Plus subscriptions. This move follows the trend set by QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise, which has already been offered as a subscription-based solution for a few years. By transitioning to a subscription-only model, Intuit aims to provide users with a more flexible and comprehensive experience, ensuring they have access to the latest updates and features while streamlining their software management.

This change reflects the evolving landscape of accounting software, where cloud-based subscription models have gained popularity due to their accessibility, scalability, and regular software updates. With QuickBooks Desktop subscriptions, users can benefit from continuous improvements and enhancements without the need to purchase new versions separately. This shift not only simplifies the licensing process for customers but also allows Intuit to deliver a more consistent and seamless user experience across their entire suite of QuickBooks products. By embracing a subscription-only approach, Intuit aims to meet the changing needs of their users and provide them with the tools necessary to thrive in an increasingly digital and connected business environment.